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Sabrina Yerich

Sabrina Yerich brings several years of experience in the legal profession to her role as an Administrative Assistant at LS Carlson Law. During her tenure, she has deepened her legal knowledge and refined her customer relations skills, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of service and support.

Sabrina excels in providing exceptional service and managing relationships, drawing on her understanding of legal processes and administrative functions. Her ability to efficiently handle client information and documentation ensures that all communications and materials are accurately directed.

At LS Carlson Law, Sabrina oversees the management and organization of incoming client communications and documentation. She ensures that all information is accurately routed, frequently offering detailed assistance to clients to address any concerns. Her commitment to clear communication and meticulous organization enhances the firm's overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Sabrina is a passionate writer and has published two books. She also enjoys reading and spending quality time with her close friends and family.