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Jonathan Hodges, Esq.

Jonathan Hodges, serving as an associate in the Boca Raton, Florida office of LS Carlson Law, brings a diverse legal background and a specialized focus on Homeowners Association (HOA) and Condominium Owners Association (COA) disputes. His journey through various facets of the law has equipped him with a unique perspective and a comprehensive skill set essential for navigating the complex issues faced by homeowners in community associations.

Mr. Hodges laid the groundwork for his legal career at Florida Atlantic University, where he honed his analytical skills and developed a strong foundation in critical thinking. His pursuit of a Juris Doctorate from Cumberland School of Law was marked by practical experience gained as a clerk for the Public Defender of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, where he was exposed to the intricacies of legal advocacy and courtroom procedures.

The breadth of Mr. Hodges’ legal expertise is evident in his experience across several legal fields, including family law, business law, employment law, and real estate law. This multidisciplinary background provides him with a holistic understanding of the various legal and personal factors that can influence HOA and COA disputes, enabling him to approach each case with a comprehensive and empathetic perspective.

Since joining LS Carlson Law, Mr. Hodges has channeled his diverse legal experience into the firm’s pre-litigation and litigation teams. His focus on representing homeowners in HOA and COA disputes showcases his commitment to leveraging his broad legal knowledge to protect and advocate for the rights of homeowners. His meticulous approach to case preparation, combined with his ability to navigate the complexities of community association law, ensures that his clients receive dedicated and effective representation.

At LS Carlson Law, Jonathan Hodges is a valued asset to homeowners facing the challenges of HOA and COA disputes. His multifaceted legal background, combined with his specialized focus and commitment to client advocacy, positions him as a key representative for those seeking knowledgeable, compassionate, and results-driven legal guidance in navigating the often complex landscape of community association law.