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Jacquelyn Bosco

Jacquelyn Bosco is the Director of Administration at LS Carlson Law. Her career began in the entertainment industry as a professional dancer with The Walt Disney Company, where she developed skills in guest relations, adaptability, and leadership. This experience laid a strong foundation for managing high-pressure situations and delivering exceptional customer service.

Transitioning to the cosmetics industry, Jacquelyn quickly advanced to co-manage a team of 13 makeup artists at Nordstrom. Her efforts led to notable improvements in client satisfaction and operational efficiency, and she effectively advocated for her team, resulting in several promotions.

At LS Carlson Law, Jacquelyn supervises administrative staff, manages human resources, and oversees client relationships. She focuses on maintaining high standards of service and operational efficiency, using her diverse background to introduce effective solutions. Jacquelyn also plays a role in evolving the firm's service model to a more client-centric approach, enhancing both client satisfaction and actively participates in developing strategies to advance the firm's goals and improve service delivery.

Jacquelyn’s ability to seamlessly integrate her varied experiences into her role at the firm ensures that both the team and clients benefit from her comprehensive approach to administration. She is dedicated to fostering a positive work environment, ensuring compliance with HR policies, and supporting the professional growth of her team members.

Outside of work, Jacquelyn enjoys spending time outdoors with her son, Owen. Her hobbies include fly fishing, rock climbing, traveling, and reading.