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Claire Williams

Claire Williams serves as the Executive Administrative Assistant at LS Carlson Law, bringing a diverse professional background and a robust set of skills to her role. Prior to joining the firm, Claire worked as a Sales Development Representative at a technology company, a rotational intern at RPAG and FlexPATH Strategies, a Sales and Service Coordinator at Closet Factory, and as a House Manager and Personal Assistant to a real estate agent. This varied experience has equipped her with a unique blend of communication, dedication, and organizational skills that are essential in her current position.

Claire holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Business Administration/Management, which provides her with a strong foundation in understanding both human behavior and effective business practices.

In her role at LS Carlson Law, Claire Williams ensures the seamless coordination of executive activities, oversees critical communications, and facilitates a welcoming environment for clients and visitors. Her efficiency and organizational prowess are integral to the firm’s operations, significantly enhancing overall productivity and client satisfaction. Claire's dedication and meticulous attention to detail support the firm's mission and contribute to its continued success.

Claire derives job satisfaction from knowing that her efforts contribute to the firm's success. She thrives in environments where she can continually learn and develop her skills. The variety of tasks in her role keeps her engaged and motivated, as she enjoys the dynamic nature of her work and the opportunity to assist those around her.

Outside of work, Claire is passionate about practicing yoga and meditation, and she loves spending time at the beach with her dog. She is also actively involved in her community, participating in beach clean-up activities.