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Wayne Teats

Wayne Teats is the Director of Billing Services at LS Carlson Law, where he brings meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence in managing the firm's financial operations. His role is pivotal in ensuring that clients receive seamless and professional service.

Wayne provides "white glove" customer service, prioritizing client satisfaction through clear communication and efficient practices. His dedication helps maintain the firm's strong reputation for client care.

In addition to his core responsibilities, Wayne participates in executive team focus retreats, contributing to strategic planning and the continuous improvement of the firm's operations. His input is invaluable in fostering a collaborative and forward-thinking environment.

Wayne takes pride in making clients happy and is driven by the personal mantra to be the best he can be, while maintaining a balanced perspective on life. Outside of his professional duties, Wayne is an award-winning photographer and a voice-over artist, showcasing his creative talents. He is also actively involved in his community, contributing to Second Harvest Food Bank.