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Mollie Streit

Mollie Streit is a Client Service Specialist at LS Carlson Law, with a background that includes serving as a Client Service Supervisor at Breckenridge Mountain Resort and working as a private ski instructor. She holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas, which underpins her professional approach and dedication to service excellence.

In her role, Mollie is responsible for qualifying and booking potential clients, ensuring each client is thoroughly vetted and seamlessly integrated into attorney schedules. Her key skills—listening, empathizing, and going the extra mile—enable her to deliver exceptional client service and support.

Mollie collaborates closely with team members to ensure that all potential clients receive the attention and care they need. Her ability to coordinate effectively helps maintain smooth operations and high client satisfaction.

Mollie finds great satisfaction in making a positive impact on potential clients' days and enjoys building relationships with her coworkers. She is motivated by the desire to excel in the HOA space, striving to connect as many clients as possible with the relief they need and deserve.

Outside of work, Mollie loves the outdoors and enjoys activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, snorkeling, and skiing. She is also committed to casual beach clean-ups during her walks, contributing to the community in her own way.