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Lizeth Torres

Lizeth Torres serves as a Legal Assistant and Administrative Assistant at LS Carlson Law, bringing a rich background in education and a diverse academic foundation. Before transitioning to the legal field, Lizeth worked as a teacher’s assistant and after-school instructional provider at an elementary school, where she developed strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

In her role at LS Carlson Law, Lizeth Torres plays a crucial part in ensuring the smooth operation of the firm’s administrative functions. Her responsibilities encompass managing critical communications, overseeing complex scheduling, and maintaining organized client records. Lizeth’s adaptability, multitasking abilities, and solution-oriented approach are vital in supporting the attorneys and paralegals, enhancing overall efficiency. She also serves as a key liaison between clients and attorneys, facilitating effective communication and strong relationship management.

Lizeth thrives in a positive and supportive work environment and values the team cooperation and support at LS Carlson Law. Her role as a liaison between clients and attorneys brings her particular satisfaction, as it allows her to contribute meaningfully to client experiences and outcomes.

Outside of work, Lizeth is an avid competitor in Spartan Races and Tough Mudders and enjoys participating in 5k runs. She also spends her free time solving puzzles, drawing, painting, and reading. Family is important to Lizeth, and she cherishes time spent with her loved ones and her two dogs.