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Kevin Mueller, Esq.

Kevin Mueller, a Senior Associate at LS Carlson Law, brings a wealth of experience and a nuanced understanding of the legal landscape to his role, particularly in the realm of Homeowners Association (HOA) disputes. With a career dedicated to litigation and providing advisory opinions to a diverse clientele, Kevin's expertise in navigating complex legal matters is a significant asset to homeowners seeking representation in HOA-related issues.

His legal prowess extends across a spectrum of areas, including business, contractual, and employment disputes, as well as specialized sectors like education law, California Public Records Act disputes, Ralph M. Brown Act disputes, and insurance defense. This extensive background equips him with the comprehensive legal knowledge and strategic approach necessary for addressing the multifaceted nature of HOA disputes.

Kevin's litigation experience is both deep and broad, covering various stages of the legal process from pleadings, discovery, and mediation to settlement negotiation, arbitration, law and motion, trial, and appeals. His track record of litigating in Southern California, with cases handled in both state and federal courts including the Court of International Trade and the Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit, showcases his adaptability and success in representing clients effectively, whether they are plaintiffs or defendants, corporate entities, public organizations, or individuals.

Educationally, Kevin's foundation in Political Science from the University of California, Davis, coupled with his law degree from the University of California College of the Law, San Francisco (formerly UC Hastings), has provided him with a robust analytical framework and a profound understanding of legal principles, both of which are crucial in the complex and often contentious realm of HOA disputes.

Residing in Orange County with his family, Kevin's personal life is as dynamic as his professional one. Despite his busy schedule, he cherishes the moments spent supporting his twin daughters in their Club soccer games and swim meets, reflecting his commitment not only to his clients but also to his family and community.

At LS Carlson Law, Kevin Mueller combines his extensive litigation experience, comprehensive legal knowledge, and personal dedication to offer homeowners involved in HOA disputes a representation that is both skilled and genuinely committed to securing their rights and interests.