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Kat Urrutia

Kat Urrutia serves as an Assistant Case Manager at LS Carlson Law, bringing over twenty years of customer service experience, including more than ten years in retail management. Her extensive background in client relations, scheduling, and conflict resolution aligns well with her responsibilities, ensuring smooth client experiences during the estate planning process.

In her role, Kat handles estate planning client flow, managing tasks such as post-consultation preparations, sending retention documents, scheduling follow-ups, and activating files. She collaborates with client services on follow-ups and works with consult attorneys on retention documents and matter assignments. Her skill in coordinating these processes helps clients navigate what can often be an overwhelming time.

Kat finds great satisfaction in building strong relationships with her coworkers and contributing to a positive work environment. She values the supportive atmosphere at LS Carlson Law, where teamwork enhances both personal and professional experiences. This collaborative spirit extends to her interactions with clients, as she guides them through the complexities of estate planning, making their journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Motivated by a continuous desire to learn and improve, Kat is dedicated to providing high-quality service for the firm's clients, ensuring they feel confident and supported throughout their engagement with the firm.

Outside of work, Kat enjoys spending time with her dog, daughter, and friends, often engaging in outdoor activities like camping and hiking. She is a fan of concerts and has a keen interest in true crime documentaries, shows, and podcasts. Kat also enjoys cooking, DIY crafts, and refurbishing old furniture.