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Julia Melnick

Julia Melnick is the Operations Manager at LS Carlson Law, bringing five years of experience in this role and a previous seven-year tenure as a Multi-Unit Manager for a specialty coffee chain. With a background in psychology from Scripps College, Julia combines her operational expertise with a deep understanding of human behavior to optimize the firm's daily functions.

Julia's core responsibilities include overseeing daily administrative operations and ensuring all systems function smoothly across departments. Her skills in data analysis, project management, and dynamic problem-solving are crucial in maintaining the efficiency of the firm's operations. She also spearheads the implementation of new operating systems and provides comprehensive training to all personnel, continuously assisting departments in streamlining workflows.

Julia finds great satisfaction in collaborating with her peers and maintaining a professional yet enjoyable work environment. Her personal motivation comes from discovering innovative ways to improve the day-to-day workload of her team, enhancing overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Outside of work, Julia enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children, Joanna and Jack. Her personal interests include reading, woodworking, baking, and watching Jeopardy!.