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Jeffrey Kominsky, Esq.

Jeffrey Kominsky is a Partner at LS Carlson Law, leading the firm's Florida office as the Chair of the Litigation Practice Group. Hailing from Florida, Mr. Kominsky is widely recognized for his exceptional track record in representing homeowners in their battles against Homeowners' Associations (HOAs).

Mr. Kominsky's legal career is distinguished by his unwavering commitment to homeowners facing disputes with their HOAs. With a focus on civil litigation, particularly in the realm of business and real estate disputes, he has honed his skills to become a formidable advocate for homeowners' rights.

Over the years, Mr. Kominsky has amassed a wealth of experience in handling complex civil matters. His practice encompasses a wide range of issues, including breach of contract, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and civil theft. His deep understanding of these areas is a valuable asset when representing homeowners who require astute legal representation.

Mr. Kominsky's legal accomplishments have garnered national recognition and earned him coverage in prominent media outlets. His clients' stories have been featured in notable publications such as U.S. News & World Report, CNN, ESPN, the Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times, and the Palm Beach Post. These accolades underscore his dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for homeowners.

Before entering private practice, Mr. Kominsky gained valuable legal experience through internships with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington D.C. and the Civil Rights Section of the Office of the Ohio Attorney General. His unique background also includes an internship with the Minnesota Vikings, where he worked closely with former Vikings owner, Red McCombs. His passion for sports law and business law continued to thrive as he founded and chaired the Inaugural Sports Law Symposium at The Ohio State University during his law school studies.

Mr. Kominsky's exceptional legal work has earned him consistent recognition as a "Florida Rising Star" by Super Lawyers in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. This recognition reflects his impactful contributions to the legal field, particularly in advocating for homeowners' rights.

Jeffrey Kominsky's dedication to homeowners' causes and his extensive experience in representing them against their HOAs are at the core of his legal practice. His unwavering commitment to achieving justice for homeowners makes him an invaluable member of the LS Carlson Law team.