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Ricky Shah, Esq.

Mr. Shah is a dedicated professional with a diverse background, spanning both mathematics and law, and is known for his commitment to championing the rights of homeowners in disputes with Homeowners' Associations (HOAs).

After earning his degree in applied mathematics/economics with a focus on finance theory from UCLA in 2003, Mr. Shah embarked on a career in the legal field. He began as a paralegal at a plaintiffs' securities class action litigation firm, where he honed his legal skills. Subsequently, he continued to work with various prominent law firms in the Orange County region, gaining valuable insights into various areas of the law.

For his legal education, Mr. Shah attended the University of Southern California and graduated in 2010. His commitment to public service and the legal community is evident in his volunteer work at the Planning and Research Unit for the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Mr. Shah's legal career has been marked by versatility and a commitment to addressing a wide range of legal issues. He gained experience in an insurance defense firm and, in 2011, embarked on his own solo practice in the Inland Empire region. For over a decade, he skillfully handled various legal matters, from insurance cases to complex civil litigation to unlawful detainers.

Mr. Shah is distinguished for his dedication to advocating for homeowners in their disputes with HOAs. His comprehensive legal background equips him with a profound understanding of the intricacies of these disputes. Mr. Shah tirelessly works to protect the rights and interests of homeowners, ensuring they receive the legal representation they deserve.

Beyond his legal work, Mr. Shah is actively involved in pro bono and non-profit activities. His dedication to public service is evident in his volunteer work at a clinic for homeless veterans during law school. Furthermore, he played a pivotal role as one of the founding members and a past president of the Asian American Lawyers of the Inland Empire bar association.

Mr. Shah's rich professional journey, commitment to homeowners' rights, and active involvement in pro bono and non-profit initiatives reflect his unwavering dedication to both the legal profession and the community he serves.