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Mariana Shenoda, Esq.

Mariana Shenoda, an associate at LS Carlson Law, boasts a distinguished career predominantly within the real estate sector. In 2011, her journey commenced in the foreclosure industry, where she diligently worked for four years. Mariana’s passion for real estate matters, combined with her desire to navigate the legal complexities of the field, led her to pursue a Juris Doctor degree. Since obtaining her law degree, Mariana has successfully advocated for clients facing a wide array of real estate disputes, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their interests.

Mariana earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Vanguard University of Southern California, followed by her Juris Doctor from Chapman University Fowler School of Law, where her academic focus centered on real estate law. Beyond her professional pursuits, Mariana finds joy in spending quality time with her family and friends and actively contributes to her local church community.